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We bring a calming method of work and communication to the process of collecting the assets of the Trust, fulfilling obligations of the Trust and distributing the assets in a timely manner to the beneficiaries.

Personal Representative

We can be your Executor named in your Will or an Administrator that is appointed by the court to administer the estate.  We will settle and distribute the estate professionally, ethically, transparently and honestly.

Conservator or Guardian

As a Conservator, the court bestows the authority and responsibility to manage the affairs of those who can no longer make their own decisions about finances or health care for themselves.

Estate & Asset Management

We bring a wealth of knowledge managing large projects of up to $8 million.  We work only with Licensed Financial Planners to make sure that your trust is healthy and stable.

Agent Under Durable Power of Attorney

You can name us to handle your affairs after you become incapacitated. Because no judicial proceedings are necessary, you will save time and money and avoid the stigma of being declared incapacitated, saving your family much discomfort and hardship.

Estates with Firearms

In our state of California, the laws are always changing which makes transferring firearms from the Trustor to the Beneficiaries difficult to manage.  We are familiar with firearms, and how to transfer them.

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About Michael

Professional Fiduciary

l had been in the construction industry for over 30 years and was looking for a second career when a friend explained that he was a fiduciary.  I found that being a fiduciary was quite similar to managing construction projects.

I attended the University of California, Riverside for Fiduciary Management, graduating in 2016 and launched my second career.

What I really love about this career is helping people every day, always in some new and unexpected way.  I am allowed to give back and protect those who might not be in the position to protect themselves any longer.

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"He has the thoughtful and calm approach most valuable to the vulnerable elderly. His impeccable reliability and detail-orientation are very evident. "

Jane Rand, Ph. D

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